Google Display Adverts Management – Mimosa Garden Design

£150.00 every 4 weeks



Our comprehensive Google Advertising Management Package offers a seamless experience for businesses seeking optimal online visibility. With this package, we manage directly with our Google advertising experts, your online Google Advertising campaigns and will work with you to agree a budget and an objective to increase your sales revenue. Our service not only covers the technical intricacies of campaign management but also provides clients with exclusive access to a user-friendly dashboard, empowering them to track and analyse the performance of their advertisements with ease.

Our Google Management includes:

  • Technical Intricacies Of Campaign Management
  • A Dedicated Dashboard You Can View Performance
  • Setup Of Your Online Adverts
  • Agreement Of PPC Budget (Paid Directly To Google)
  • All Meetings With Google To Monitor & Setup


Please note:

  • This subscription does not cover the budget required for PPC advertising of which can be agreed and paid directly to Google via your company credit card.
  • You can cancel at anytime and the management will stop immediately along with your online adverts, you will be required to settle your remaining PPC balance with Google.
  • Months 1 -2  are learning phases, so we can understand what works and what doesn’t, adjustments will be made during this period and therefore a longer term commitment is advisable in order for us to maximise performance and return on investment (Google recommend at least 3 months). Return on Google investments take time, it is not a quick win, but should be incorporated into a longer term marketing strategy.


  • ***We strongly advise reading the “Growing with Google” guide here prior to sign up, which will manage your expectations of the service we and Google are to provide***