Why Design Is My Story

In business we often talk about what we do, the services we offer and the products we sell.

But we don’t often talk about why we do it, who we are and how we’ve got here. So, in this article I’m going to tell you why design is my story and why my driven and determined personality has led to my success.

Since a young age I’ve always had a passion for detail, design and automating processes. I used to build websites as a hobby when I was young, not for a particular purpose and I’m not even sure looking back that I had any visitors! But I loved, creating a space online where I could talk to the world, making it functional and look great for the end user.

I would review the design regularly as I learnt new skills and to refresh my online platform, giving all those invisible visitors a fresh look every time they visited or in my case… did not!

I always had pleasure from this experience, researching new techniques and then applying them in practice, of course at that time things were very different, without sounding too old, this was earlier in the days when the internet wasn’t mainstream and businesses hadn’t really ventured into the online world to start selling their products and services to the scale in which we see today.

This meant that I had the upper hand to explore earlier software and build on the foundations that we find in web building today. Alongside this I also studied Marketing and explored psychological purchase behaviour linking into how customers navigate around websites along with ways in which to build a website that converts. In addition, I formalised my website knowledge into recognisable certifications to firm up my long-term achievements.

Since then, I ventured into IT where again, detail, design and automating processes are needed, IT is what empowers the technology that a website is created on. There are also lots of synergy in designing a website and designing an IT process that works. All of which require software, a good easy to navigate or understand process and an end result that delivers what you need.

After following me on my journey, and much to my surprise, family and friends started to come to me asking me if I can build them a website. They liked my approach and knew that I was a perfectionist in what I did. I’ve always been a driven, forward thinking individual and I can’t help myself but cannot do something half-heartedly, I would never create something that I do not love and wouldn’t want to have as my own.

And it was at this point when I started to realise that it was a unique proposition to take the time to learn about your customers online requirements and build something bespoke for them from scratch, not churning out templates that are used time and time again, and it’s not about building a website and walking away…. but nourishing those individuals and helping them every step of the way to grow their business and adding value to what they wish to achieve.

But it was after several conversations with people about the prices in which they paid for their web design and the poor end result of that service, I was shocked of how little and how often some of the basic principles were overlooked and the extortionate prices that were being charged. It was at this moment that the spark hit the fuel and Harris Consultancy was born. Our main objective is always client satisfaction wrapped up in an ongoing service format, there are no hidden costs, our subscriptions include everything you need from email to domain, SSL security,

hosting, backup and free content updates… so you can focus on your customers whilst knowing your website is always ready to sell your services.

I thought I would share one of my favourite quotes with you, I resonate with an individual in particular and that is the late Steve jobs from Apple who once said “Design is not just what it looks like. Design is how it works” That is true of everything we and Harris Consultancy strive for and a quote that we always have in our minds.

So, here’s my story, so why don’t you tell me yours and get in touch today?

If you have any urges to explore our services, you can do so by clicking here.

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