Our Terms and Conditions

By subscribing to our services you agree to our terms and conditions which are subject to change without prior warning. 

We have a variety of social media & website packages to suit all requirements.

From time to time we change the features of each package to ensure that we can deliver the best experience to you for the most value for money. This may happen without any notice given.

Our Taster social package is designed to offer support and give you a flavour of working with a Social Media agency. It is not designed to “Grow” your business and you should not expect your online Social Media platforms to grow from it. Our “Growth” package is our recommended package and designed to help your business grow.

We may re-post already posted content if we believe this is of value to your audience and your social media strategy. 

You can request Harris Consultancy to add additional Social Media platforms to your package at any time. Charged at £35 per month per additional Social Media platform. Please email hello@harris-consultancy.co.uk to make the request.

Our prices will increase yearly and may increase more often. We will give you a minimum of one months notice and will communicate this increase via email. If you do not wish to continue your subscription you may cancel as per the cancellation policy.

We will communicate with our social media clients regularly to request imagery and “check in” to ensure you’re happy with our work. We provide a monthly report so that you can see your social media progress dependant on the package that you have subscribed.

All of our clients are subscribed to our complimentary “Consultant In Your Pocket” service. Rest assured we have 15 years of digital experience and will be working hard behind the scenes to deliver you results.

We meticulously plan your Social Media posts with fine detail, writing weeks in advance to ensure the best quality content. If you do send us content to be posted, we will fit this into the schedule as best we can ensuring your overall strategy is not affected. We analyse when your fans are online to ensure we reach your warm audience.

The number of posts created for your platform will depend on the package that you’ve subscribed. It is important to note that if your package states “four posts a week” we may post two posts on Facebook and two posts on Instagram. Dependant on your audience we will optimise the posting schedule with the view to maximise your reach.

You can cancel your subscription via your online account at anytime and your subscription will remain live until the end of the current subscription term. For website clients if you cancel your subscription you will loose your website information at the end of your subscription term, unless we have received in writing further instruction to export your website content along with acceptance of any software charges and costs associated in our time of doing so. If you would like to retain your domain we will charge you a transfer fee equivalent to the current setup cost of your website package.

None of our Social Media packages include replying to your customers messages. We do recognise this is helpful to you and assist you where possible but do not guarantee a response time.

Your web subscription includes updates to the content of your website (Images and text). If you would like a redesign at any time, you would be charged the setup cost of  your package subscription and your subscription may increase if you add functionality that is available in our higher web package tiers. 

Our website packages are designed to support our clients business as much as possible, offering excellent value for money and a high quality website. However, there are limitations as to what can be achieved within our budgets, whilst our packages support the majority of our clients requirements there may be rare occasions where supplements may be added. This will always be communicated to you beforehand whereby you will have the opportunity to confirm if you wish to proceed with the additional cost.  Examples of this include a beyond standard “font” for your website or a domain name that surpasses the average cost.

Existing clients may upgrade their package at anytime. New packages commence on your next subscription payment date whereby the setup cost of that package would be charged.

It is a condition of our website service that we will place a small banner at the bottom of your site stating “Powered by Harris Consultancy”

For clients on our bespoke website package, once your website has gone live, there is a period of up to two weeks that we would complete any snagging work that has arisen. After this period you would be charged our hourly rate. 

  • We will create a one page website design.
  • Our definition of design is: “a digital mock up to show the look and function (where applicable) or workings of a website prior to creation”.
  • Our design may include features in the higher tiers of our website packages which can be retained or removed dependant on whether these are included in the subscription that you later choose.
  • This website is not live or publicly available but gives you the opportunity to see what your website could look like, prior to subscribing to our website packages.
  • Your one page website design will be kept on our servers for two weeks post sharing the design with you, for you to make a decision on how you wish to proceed.
  • If you wanted to proceed, you will need to subscribe to a website package whereby a questionnaire will be sent to allow us to create a more bespoke solution for you based on your answers.
  • On sign up, the terms of conditions of our “Free Trial” will expire and you will adhere to our terms and conditions as stated here on our website.
  • Once we have received back the questionnaire we will commence work on starting to build your new website.


We specialise in supporting businesses that wish to make an everlasting online digital impact, providing free ongoing business advice, as well as pay monthly website packages and social media management, giving every business the opportunity to afford first class award winning digital marketing services from a local and committed company that is passionate about helping you succeed.

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