Strengthen Your Digital Foundations

This year has seen more and more businesses invest in their online presence; COVID19 has torpedoed the need to have a robust online digital strategy. A strategy that remains vigorous in these uncertain times, that offers flexibility to your client’s requirements along with adaptability in case you ever need to change your offerings.

These times have brought about creative business ideas and businesses have adapted to these needs, whilst the future remains uncertain for now, we do know that flexibility and creativity is the key and will steer us through these troubled waters keeping you ahead of the curve.

Businesses often come to us for advice, asking what they should do to maintain their online digital presence whilst keeping profit margins high and digital expense low but with a high return.

There are a lot of options digitally to enhance your strategy but its important the foundations of your business are aligned and branded ensuring your strategy is strengthened in recognition.

These include your social media platforms, are they all branded? Have they been setup correctly? Are you targeting your correct demographic? And it is bringing in conversion? What can you learn from your following to create a more targeted service or product? And your website which is your online storefront, is it responsive on all devices? Is it branded and recognised? Is it easy to use? Does it deliver what you would like it to?

Business owners should be thinking about these questions along with many others about how to improve their online digital presence, making the most of the consumer behaviour, which is now more online than ever, and this is expected to continue to grow.

Customers need more flexibility in their lives and it is now the time to ensure your online strategy is delivering in line with their needs.

Your website is your online storefront and ensuring this is working hard to represent your business online is imperative. Websites should be renewed at least every 2 years. So why is this?

• Changing technology – Technology changes and if your website was built prior to 2014 there is a good chance that it wasn’t built to be mobile responsive. (It doesn’t change its appearance to suit the device on which its being viewed. A mobile/tablet responsive website is vital with now less than 46% of Internet users browsing via a desktop.

• Design trend – If you do not keep up with the latest design trends your website visitors will assume your business is falling behind and isn’t keeping pace with the market.

• Change of business strategy and brand – Show off your new products or services, your new logo’s or online offerings. If your products, services and brand has changed then you need to change your website too.

Earlier this year, Harris Consultancy was recognised for our digital marketing work in Oxfordshire when we recieved the accolade of “Best Digital Marketing Agency” Oxfordshire for 2020 – a proud moment! We can build award winning websites from only £39 per month so why not get in touch today to discuss how to strengthen your online digital presence and ensure your business is fit for the future.

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