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Working Together – Stronger Together

As this year comes to a close, we look back and reflect certainly a year that will never be forgotten, a year of coming together with family, friends, community and neighbours to support one another and to show strength in working together. There is no doubt that we can all identify a way in which we have helped, no matter how small that may be, was it perhaps a comforting call to a lonely friend or relative or a food parcel to someone in need. Possibly a friendly conversation with a stranger on Facebook. Or maybe a more subtle but meaningful gesture.

But what should we be taking away from this challenging year? What could we all do to change the way in which we think and work collectively together? How could we give back and help others? And what can we change for the better once this pandemic is over.

For me, seeing the power of working towards one goal, whether that is the work undertaken to achieve a vaccine or the work needed to get to that point with the participation of tests and trials to get there. Now, I’m talking on an international scale but bringing this back to the community what can we do, and what can I do to help everyone locally is at the forefront of my mind.

Now, as news develops of several vaccines the fight isn’t over, it will take some time for us to be able to fully emerge to the position of strength prior to the epidemic.

And that’s why working together, we’re stronger together and this message has never been so important. There are struggling businesses, with very little income, very little support and businesses that have been hit the hardest are sole traders, family run businesses found in our communities.

So, the next time you need something, whether that is a product or service, Think Local and Look Local. There are many individuals setting up schemes to help, which is so wonderful to see.

But it will take all of our collective efforts to really support and ensure that local businesses thrive in this period of economic uncertainty.

Here at Harris Consultancy, we’ve setup a free support service for those businesses needing some guidance on their strategy, digital presence or consulting. Perhaps you need a review of your social media or website, which we will provide a report for, free of charge to sole traders and businesses in the Chinnor Parish.

In addition to this, we are also delighted to announce our new affiliate programme where we are able to reward those individuals whom put us in touch with a business that is in need of a new website or assistance with their social media. Anyone is entitled to register on our transparent easy to use platform – Please visit for full details.

By helping us to reach those businesses we can work together to support the community, benefiting us all and ensuring that our local businesses can reap the rewards from local custom. We are stronger together.

If you would like to take advantage of our free social media report or business advice service. Or perhaps register yourself as an affiliate and earn commission from home. Then please drop us a line for a chat. Keep up to date and follow us on Facebook.

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