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Describe your business & your objectives

Thame Midsomer Tours promotes and runs weekly tours from April to October around Thame filming locations used for the ITV show, Midsomer Murders, for the general public.  It is a not-for-profit organisation operating under the banner of 21st Century Thame and two thirds of the income generated by ticket sales from the tours is donated to local charities.

What challenges were you having prior to appointing Harris Consultancy as your web designer?

Starting completely from scratch and with no previous experience or understanding of building a website, it was essential to find a web designer who could guide us through the design process sympathetically and in non-technical language.  With very little funding available, the challenge was to find a top-quality designer at a reasonable cost.

How would you describe the website build process from your perspective?

With no other web design experience to draw on, we were delighted to find that, with Harris Consultancy, the process was easy to understand, required no technical knowledge on our part, and was quick and straightforward to implement.  Reviewing elements of the design during the build process was simple to do and amendments were actioned quickly. 

How has your business changed following your new website? 

The website has transformed the flow of communication for the tours from the previous cumbersome referral system from other local websites and has provided a platform for enquiries from groups and individuals interested in the tour. It has also facilitated enquiries about the tours in Thame and the surrounding villages and encouraged sales of the guidebook.

What would you say to anyone contemplating a website with Harris Consultancy?

For any organisation considering starting a website but which does not have the experience or technical know-how to undertake it themselves, seeking the services of Harris Consultancy would be a sensible move.  Their explanation of the costs and design process is clear and presented in a friendly pressure-free manner.

How would you rate & describe your overall experience with Harris Consultancy? 

We would have no hesitation in recommending Harris Consultancy to others thinking of starting their own website but lacking the technical knowledge or time to do it all themselves.  The service was friendly and efficient, always carried out within agreed timescales and provided at reasonable cost.

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